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La Escuela de Blues is a center of non-formal musical education in Blues.

Its approach contains artistic, pedagogic and humanistic aspects, with the conviction that everyone has a natural inclination toward music, tackling it through a universal folklore as the Blues.

La Escuela de Blues offers the opportunity to carry out an activity and face a process collectively or individually which allows your sensitivity for music and the Blues in particular to develop in a gratifying way.

The excellence of the teachers, the new young generations who enrich the local Blues scene and the international work that many of the teachers hold as musicians have earned La Escuela de Blues many acknowledgements for its contributions.

Created by Gabriel Grätzer and codirected by Mauro Diana and Gabriel Cabiaglia since 2000, it is the first and only of its kind in the country and in South America. It operates within the Collegium Musicum de Buenos Aires in Charcas 3492, Palermo, Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires.

With over 1000 students, la Escuela de Blues has not only inserted and spread pedagogic and educational Blues and African American music principles, but also it has promoted the Blues culture through its impact on the community and the local Blues scene.

The Escuela de Blues’ system of subjects includes individual instrument and singing lessons, Ensemble, Blues History and Music Theory.


The activities held at Escuela de Blues have been declared of cultural interest by Buenos Aires’ Ministry of Culture. (Resolution 164/09).

Many are the the Blues legends who have already been at Escuela de Blues and who also hold masterclasses or play live: John Primer, Lurrie Bell, Tail Dragger, Willy Buck, Bob Strogger, Bob Margolin, Tex Maniacs, Kathy Chiavola, Gregory Hopkins, Big Eye Smith, Donny Nichilo, Mud Morganfield, Tad Robinson, Eddy Clearwater, among others.

By the same token, many of the teachers of la Escuela de Blues have given workshops, seminars and concerts, as part of their professional activities abroad, in countries as varied as United States, Brazil, Japan, China, France, Spain, Chile, Uruguay, Paraguay, Russia, Italy and Colombia among others.


La Escuela, corporately or through its teachers, has been part of different Blues, Jazz and Country festivals held locally or abroad in countries such as Colombia, France, Brazil, Japan, China, Spain, Russia, United Stated, Italy, Chile, among others, including the Paris Blues Festival (2004).

La Escuela de Blues co-produces with Blues en Movimiento its paper magazine, Blues en su Tinta, which is available in many areas of the country and focused on spreading the Blues culture in all its forms, aiming at the local activities. It also produces and publishes in a digital format Notas Negras, an online free publication that contains several research essays since 2008. To this day, it has published ten issues which can be seen and downloaded from: Nuestras producciones/Revistas-Libros


The first book on Blues History written in Argentina was published by la Escuela de Blues in May 2012. Nuestras producciones/Revistas-Libros

La Escuela de Blues records, since 2004, its Ensemble’s discs from 2nd and 3rd year and since 2007 it is done in its own recording studio. On a professional level, there have been recordings from local artists devoted to the genre. This makes la Escuela de Blues the first recording studio in Argentina dedicated to producing Blues exclusively. Some examples of this are the following CDs: Blues en Movimiento Volumen I and II, El Blues Lleva Tiempo by Gabriel Grätzer, El Blues Paga Mal by Easy Babies, among other LPs and EPs which were recorded partially or fully in our studio. For more information, visit: Nuestras Producciones / El Estudio

La Escuela de Blues holds, since 2013, the contests “Bandas de Blues” (Blues bands) and “Pinturas y Dibujos de Blues” (Blues paintings and drawings) with the objective of promoting the Blues culture among the community. The first allows an independent rising band to record an EP at the Escuela’s studio and to be part of the Buenos Aires Blues Festival line-up, and the latter provides the spreading of the pictoric works and drawings of independent artists whether it is through post cards, publications on the Escuela’s magazines, Ensemble’s CD covers or participation in art shows and exhibitions. For more information, visit: Nuestras Producciones / Concursos


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